Little Weavebird utilizes traditional weaving techniques to produce ethically made woven goods with a modern edge

My name is Chelsay Russell and I create woven goods out of my home in Branson, Missouri. I started weaving in fall of 2015 by watching tutorials online and by summer of 2016, I created Little Weavebird. My small business has been growing ever since, as well my passion for the art of weaving.

Quickly after starting out on a rigid heddle loom, I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge and skill set. I bought a floor loom from Leclerc called, Weavebird. That is how "Little Weavebird" came to be.

Little Weavebird cares about luxury, quality, uniqueness and color. Each piece that I create has luxury fibers from local yarn shops and is made to be a quality item.
I source most of my materials locally and from small businesses so that not only am I supporting local businesses, but the materials are more meaningful and unique.

Each piece that I create is made with so much love and joy and I can only hope that you see these sentiments through my work.

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